How fast is your website?

Try out Websu by generating website performance report below:

  • Speed analysis with Chrome
  • Run from 25 locations around the world
  • Simulate Mobile or Desktop Devices
  • Monitor hourly or daily (Premium)
  • Free as Open Source! Stars please

Make your website fast for everyone

Slow websites result in less visitors. Run a performance report to test your website at different internet speeds, from different countries and different devices.

Test from 25 locations worlwide


  • asia-east1 (Taiwan)
  • asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
  • asia-northeast2 (Osaka)
  • europe-north1 (Finland)
  • europe-west1 (Belgium)
  • europe-west4 (Netherlands)
  • us-central1 (Iowa)
  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
  • us-east4 (Northern Virginia)
  • us-west1 (Oregon)

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  • asia-east2 (Hong Kong)
  • asia-northeast3 (Seoul, South Korea)
  • asia-southeast1 (Singapore)
  • asia-southeast2 (Jakarta)
  • asia-south1 (Mumbai, India)
  • australia-southeast1 (Sydney)
  • europe-central2 (Warsaw, Poland)
  • europe-west2 (London, UK)
  • europe-west3 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • europe-west6 (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • northamerica-northeast1 (Montreal)
  • southamerica-east1 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • us-west2 (Los Angeles)
  • us-west3 (Las Vegas)
  • us-west4 (Salt Lake City)

Real speed test

Websu uses Chrome and Lighthouse to render the pages and analyze how fast real visitors would load your website.

Monitor the speed

Automatically monitor the speed of your websites on hourly or daily basis. Get emails with your performance report. This feature is available with a free account.


Websu is available under an open source license. Giving you the full freedom to run Websu yourself. This can help be helpful when testing intranet web applications.